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This the live broadcast Channel from the Devon Tai Chi Centre.

Below are videos to watch from the Video Library of the Devon Tai Chi Centre Federation Branch.

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11 Short Form;11 Short Form Follow Me;Qigong Breathing Exercises;Warm up Exercises Level 1;8 Short Form;8 Short Form Follow Me;
11 Short Form

The following videos are free for you to click on the link and download:

8 Short Form – Sifu Nick Taylor
8 Short Form – Follow Me – Sifu Nick Taylor
11 Short Form – Sifu Nick Taylor
11 Short Form – Follow Me – Sifu Nick Taylor
Qigong Breathing Exercises – Sifu Nick Taylor
Chen Tai Chi Warm Ups – Full routine – Sifu Nick Taylor
Wushu Performance in London 2017 – Contemporary Wushu performances by various students
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